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Tue, Mar 19


Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation, Door B

Spring Equinox Yoga & Hearticulation Circle

Yogi Manny will guide us through a yoga and meditation set enhanced by the creative and rejuvenating energies of the Spring Equinox. Strengthen your belief in your ability to succeed in any situation.

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Spring Equinox Yoga & Hearticulation Circle
Spring Equinox Yoga & Hearticulation Circle

Time & Location

Mar 19, 2024, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM CDT

Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation, Door B, 2882 Holly Rd, Corpus Christi, TX 78415, USA


About the event

On the Spring Equinox, we practice yoga with our community. We are reminded of the beauty and power of connection. Just as the Earth and the sun align perfectly on this day, we, too, come together in harmony and unity. This day marks the beginning of a new season, a time of rebirth and growth.

Through our practice, we can tap into the energy of renewal and transformation surrounding us. As we flow through our poses, we are reminded of the interconnectedness of all beings and the importance of supporting each other on our spiritual journeys. Together, we create a sacred space where we can let go of the past and embrace the future with open hearts and minds. Let us honor this day by cultivating compassion, love, and gratitude for ourselves, our community, and the world around us.

May the energy of the Spring Equinox bring us renewed hope and vitality as we navigate our paths ahead. Let us honor the balance of light and darkness, of yin and yang, within ourselves and the world around us. May we cultivate mindfulness and presence in all we do, sowing seeds of kindness and gratitude wherever we go. May we be open to nature's lessons and wisdom, finding inspiration and guidance in the cycles of growth and change. Let us embrace this time of new beginnings and possibilities, allowing ourselves to blossom and evolve with the world around us.

Let us use this time to reflect on our inner strengths and resilience, knowing that we have the power to overcome any challenges that come our way. May we celebrate the return of life and vitality to the Earth, feeling renewed and rejuvenated. Let us sow the seeds of intention and creativity, nurturing our dreams and aspirations as they bloom and take shape. Blessed be.

~Yogi Day (Manny)

During this Spring Equinox, we use Aries' cardinal energy to give birth to our creations, dreams, and goals. Shine your light to attract what you want, focusing on your potential. Ask yourself how to step into your life with more confidence, courage, and the assumption that everything will work out. Feel your fire, go on adventures that force you to grow, welcome the pressure, and know that its presence makes the diamond! 

We will tap into the emotional layers with a rhythmic flow, allowing our feelings to rise and fall organically with non-judgmental awareness. We will activate courage on this Spring Equinox by stepping into the radiance of our highest vibrational selves!

Follow Divine Light Toward Renewal and Self-care

Initiate. Cultivate. Radiate. Bliss-out! Connect with your tribe. Yogi Manny will guide you and your fellow participants through a Yoga and Meditation Set enhanced by the magical and healing energies of the Spring Equinox. Show and strengthen your belief in your ability to succeed in any situation. You and your fellow participants enhance the incredible magical mysteries of a Spring Equinox celebration with the power of a supportive community.

When you align your practice with the cycles of the sun, moon, and earth, you experience a more profound clarity and fulfillment. Embrace the Spring Equinox energy in an evening of ritual and celebration to orient your goals and hard work with persistence and power.

Cultivate a positive self-image by moving in empowering, kind, and joyful ways and being unapologetically yourself. Project your highest intentions and focus on celebrating yourself; the Spring Equinox is a great time to do this.

We will bring ourselves into joyful, elevated, and meditative states and tap into the deeper reservoirs of our vitality and creativity. We will activate and enjoy the sensation of a blissful heart of devotion.

In a judgment-free space, you can abandon yourself to the rhythm

Dance Kriya is a movement journey held in a safe and sacred container, & facilitated by Yogi Manny.

"I love the abstract, delicate, profound, vague, voluptuously wordless sensation of living ecstatically."

— Anais Nin

#BYOM  Bring Your Mat, blanket, and any other yoga props you might need.

Everybody is Welcome.


Yoga is for Everybody!!!!

PAY ONLINE OR AT THE DOOR. See the payment options when booking your spot online.

Energy Exchange:  $11 online or at the door.

At the door: Cash, PayPal @daycharan, Venmo @tantralini, Cash App @tantralini, or Apple Pay at (361) 510-0743. Proceeds provide our community with yoga supplies and organic vegan food.

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